A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Golf Betting

A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Golf Betting Odds

What attracts a large number of punters to golf betting? Anyone can win BIG betting on a golf tournament. Though, keep in mind that it is much more difficult to choose a winner out of over a hundred players than it is to choose a winner between two teams. This article will discuss the golf betting odds and the kinds of golf bets you can place in online sports betting.

Golf Betting Odds Explained

The implied probability, or the golf betting odds, are expressed as decimals. So, for example, if a player has odds of winning of 26.0 then it means the following:

Converting Decimal Odds into Percentages

Implied probability


1/decimal odds

For example,      1/26.0




Fully understanding golf betting odds from the percentage of a player’s chance to win is the beginning of placing an educated golf bet.

So, how does this convert into cold, hard cash? Here is how golf betting odds work:

Your Profit


(Stake x Odds) - Stake


So if we continue with our example of 26.0 odds on a golfer to win a particular tournament, and you place a bet of R500 on said golfer to win, your profit would be as follows:

Your Profit


(R500 x 26.0) - R500

Your Profit


(R13 000) - R500


This means that you win R13 000 from your R500 stake on your player of choice. After subtracting your initial stake (R500) that would make your profit from the bet R12 500. Not too shabby!

Some of the Golf Betting Options with the Above Golf Betting Odds Explained

There are many different options when it comes to placing online sports bets with these golf betting odds.

Golf Tournament Winner

This is the most popular bet placed in online sports betting when it comes to golf. Often players are backed by punters simply because they are a favourite with longstanding careers and many fans. This method of golf betting is by far the simplest, if your choice wins the tournament, you win the bet; if they don’t, neither do you. The odds of that player winning the specified tournament is set by the bookkeeper.

Top Nationality

You can bet on the top nationality to win in a tournament as a strategy to place one bet but still play the field, so to speak. This type of golf betting is only suggested when there are a number of different nationalities taking part in the tournament.


The hole-in-one market is growing within the online sports betting community. Once you have a basic understanding of golf betting odds, and have been keeping up with golf tournaments, you will know that with each year the odds become higher that a professional golfers will hit more and more hole-in-ones. This can prove to be a very profitable golf betting strategy.

These are the just some of the golf betting options you can employ now that you have had the basics of golf betting odds explained. In the next article we will discuss the kinds of golf bets you can place when you employ Golf Each Way Betting. This will need golf betting odds explained in more detail to appreciate how comprehensive your options are when it comes to online sports betting.

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