Live eSports Betting

Live Esports Betting

Esports betting rules vary according to the games being bet on. Bets can be made before the game has begun, or during the game depending on preference. It’s important to understand the different game types so that you have an idea of the different betting options for each one.

Different Game Types

There are a multitude of different game types and platforms; for the sake of this article we will be looking at the most popular game types that are bet on.

First Person Shooter Games

As the name implies, these games are played as if the player is the character in the game. The camera is positioned so that the player cannot see the character that they are in the game; instead they can see their character’s hands and the weapons they are holding and using. Examples of this game type include Counterstrike, Call of Duty and BioShock.

Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas (MOBA)

These are strategy games that can be played individually to develop experience and collect weapons, armour and gold. In tournaments and games that bettors engage with, however, individuals bring their skills and experience together in teams.

These teams can sometimes battle against time to finish game challenges; in this case, the fastest team to complete the challenges will win. Alternatively, the aim will be for teams to eliminate the opponents’ bases using clever strategies. Some of these games include League of Legends, Dota, World of Warcraft, etc.

Survival Games

The purpose of these games is just that: to survive. Surrounded by challenging circumstances, players must navigate through the game gaining experience and items that give them an advantage over the opposition. They differ greatly from one game to another, but the aim is that the individual or the team that stands last wins. An example of a survival game (amongst others) is Fortnite.

Esports Betting Types

Over/Under Bet: A total estimation (of a certain aspect in the game) will be estimated and provided by the betting site. Bettors may bet on whether the outcome will be over or under that estimation. For example; a betting site may estimate that the total number of kills will be made by a team, and bettors can wage whether the number will be over or under that. These bets are generally made on First Person Shooter games, but they can be made on other types of games too.

First Kill Bet: Whether as a team or as an individual, bets can be made on who makes the first kill (regardless of how)

Next Kill Bet: Similar to the First Kill Bet, bets can be made during the game on which individual or team will make the next kill. 

Next Round Bet: Bets can be made on which individual or team will win the next round.

Match Winner Bet: Bettors can wage on a team or individual to the chosen match, regardless of how. If the game ends in a tie, none of the bettors win.

Region Win: Bettors can wage on which region will win overall.

Ultimate Winner: Bettors can place a wager on which individual or team will win the overall tournament or match.

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