Sporting Events Cancelled Due to Coronavirus

Sporting Events Cancelled Due to Coronavirus

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, major sporting events globally have been postponed and, in some cases, cancelled. Our favourite sporting champions are staying safely in their homes, while event organisers are respecting the “no large gatherings” rule. This is to protect both the fans and the athletes.

There are many major sporting events where sports organisers simply don’t know when their matches and games will be returning to their respective competitive turf. Any sort of travel is also teetering in the unknown, and sporting events will not see the spectatorship that they are accustomed to. Many tickets that were purchased for these events have been refunded, or postponed until further notice.

Major Sports Events Cancelled Due to COVID-19

From the Two Oceans Marathon being cancelled, to the popular Tokyo Olympics postponed for a year, Coronavirus has drastically affected the world of sport.

Some of the different sporting associations are hopeful that sports will continue after a certain amount of time, but the Coronavirus situation is still going to be the one to dictate the final results.

Some of the sporting events that have been postponed and cancelled include:


For those who follow the NBA, basketball games have been postponed indefinitely


The India – South Africa 2nd and 3rd ODI in March was postponed

South Africa – Australia Women T20s has been postponed

Indian Premier League has been postponed until further notice

All major international cricket series matches have been cancelled


Cape Epic in Cape Town has been cancelled

Tour de France has been postponed


The PGA Championship has been suspended until further notice

The European Tour has been put on hold until (hopefully) the 4th of June


All Super Rugby matches have been postponed indefinitely

The Six Nations Tournament will commence at an unknown time after being postponed


All matches in the Premier Soccer League (PSL) have been postponed indefinitely.

The English Premier League has been postponed indefinitely.

The Euro 2020 will be postponed until 2021


The African Championship in Durban has been postponed


All Wimbledon games have been put on hold

The French Open has been postponed until September

The Fed Cup has been postponed indefinitely

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