UFC Betting Rules Explained

UFC Betting Rules Explained

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is a blend of athletic prowess and combat sport. Born in 1993, UFC gave rise to the popularity of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) which is a fighting style that incorporates elements of multiple fighting disciplines like Ju Jitsu, wrestling, Kung Fu and others. Unlike boxing, UFC allows for kicking, punching, throwing, and grappling.

It is governed by strict rules to safeguard the fighters against major injuries, and fighters are matched against each other according to their weight and ranking to ensure that the fight is fair.

Some UFC Fighting Rules

Some of the rules, if broken, will result in penalties and, if severe enough, will result in disqualification. The following is not allowed in a UFC match:

  • Headbutts
  • Hair pulling
  • Biting or spitting
  • Eye gouging or putting fingers in nose, ears or mouth
  • Grabbing or hitting toward the throat
  • Gripping flesh, or clothing
  • Any attack toward the groin area
  • Grabbing and pulling smaller joints i.e. fingers or toes
  • Attacks on spine or the back of the head
  • Attacking an opponent that’s on the ground using leg attacks

The list goes on. For a comprehensive list, the UFC has an official website with all the information you need to get clued up on the sport.

What Are UFC Betting Rules?

Match Bet

A Match Bet, otherwise called a “Moneyline Bet” is probably the simplest UFC bet to make. The bet is made on one of the fighters winning the match, regardless of in what circumstances they win in i.e. knockout, opponent disqualification, etc.

Parlay Bet

In a UFC event, you can use a Parlay Bet to wager on multiple fighters who are competing in the event to win their matches. This bet is a little riskier, because if one of the fighters that you’ve bet on to win loses, you lose your wager. This shouldn’t take away from how rewarding these bets can be, though! If you are knowledgeable enough to make informed bets on the correct fighters, the money that you could win will be worth the risk!

Over/Under Bet

Much like the rules in the NBA, Over/Under Bets are determined by the platform site being used to bet on. The site will determine a time total for each round, and bettors can then bet whether the round will last over the estimated time or under it.

Round Betting

Round Betting is when bets can be made on how many rounds the fight will last. The wager can also be made on during which round a fighter will win.

Method of Victory

Unlike Match Bets, the bettor needs to specify how they believe the fighter will win i.e. knockout, submission or points decided by the judges of the fight.

There are multiple ways to succeed in UFC betting, as long as you understand the basics and you have some background knowledge of the fighters. UFC matches will continue once the Coronavirus pandemic is contained. In the meantime, there are other exciting sports to bet on online! Check out Sunbet for more information.