Super Rugby 2020 Predictions

How to Make Better Super Rugby 2020 Predictions

Get out those braais, beers and biltong, Super Rugby 2020 is in full force and you have the chance to win big! Super Rugby online betting has become a large part of the enjoyment of the game, and arming yourself with as much information as possible might just increase your chances of winning.

How Do You Predict Super Rugby Outcomes?

Super Rugby betting predictions are the equivalent of calculated guesses. There are a few ways to make better calculated guesses, and the right knowledge is absolutely imperative.

Understand Rugby Completely

The better you understand rugby, the better your insight will be in order to make more accurate predictions. Understanding the rules and each of the intricacies involved in the game will allow you to focus on the fundamental reason of what you’re doing in the first place; making rugby predictions that can increase your odds of winning!

You’ll need to look into the history, the rules, the players and the teams, and watch a few videos of previous games to look out for trends and patterns. There are plenty of rugby sites that give all of the latest and greatest on the sport.

You’ll also need a clear understanding of the betting markets available. Choose a market that interests you and take a long, hard look at the odds for each market. This will also affect your winnings and predictions. 

Understand Rugby Teams and Their Dynamics

Below is a list of things you can do to better understand your teams:

  • Identify impact players in a team and pay attention to which are playing
  • Note the team selection for the game – do some research to find out how they’ve performed in previous matches
  • Keep up to date with team dynamics – this can also affect team morale
  • Understand different coaches and tactics
  • Stay informed about injuries and suspensions – these can affect team selection and player performance
  • Watch patterns of play in a season; What happened in the previous encounter when the two teams played against each other? Is the opposing team on a winning streak?

Note Where the Game Is Being Played

Different venues may affect how well a team performs.

  • Home-ground advantage: When a team is playing on their home turf the crowd is more inclined to be their own supporters and the players are more at ease with their surroundings. This can often impact their playing, and help them to play better.
  • Different altitudes: This will affect a team’s performance immensely; humidity and altitude can increase or decrease fatigue depending on where the team predominantly trains.
  • If they are playing internationally, jetlag and atmosphere also makes a difference in playing ability.

Keep Notes and Records

If you’re doing all this research, and you’re serious about making Super Rugby 2020 predictions work for you, it’s important to keep a record of all your findings and notes. You will never manage to get EVERY game prediction right, but having records that show undeniable patterns will definitely give you an advantage over the general betting public.

Understand Rugby Odds

Regardless of all your research that you’ve managed to collect, you’ll still need to pay close attention to the odds of the game. It might help to look to professional punters and follow their expert opinions to get a better idea of how to bet; especially while you are still finding your rugby betting feet. Statistics can help to make a better decision about the betting market and the odds.

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