Protection of Personal Information - Section G

1. To enable Sunbet to provide a premium sports betting offering, it requires up-to-date and correct personal information of its customers. Personal information includes the prescribed information falling within the definitions of personal or special personal information as set out in the Protection of Personal Information Act, 2013 ("Protected Personal Information"). The Protected Personal Information of Sunbet customers which Sunbet may process include the following:

a. Names, identity numbers, contact details, addresses, occupations;

b. Information regarding whether Sunbet customers are politically exposed or prominent influential persons;

c. Preferences and opinions

2. Sunbet customers give express consent to Sunbet to obtain, process and further process their Protected Personal Information for any lawful purposes relating to the Sunbet customers' participation in sports betting including to:

a. allow Sunbet customers to participate in Sunbet’s sports betting services;

b. verify the identity of Sunbet customers;

c. monitor and analyse the conduct on Sunbet customers' accounts and profile for fraud, compliance and other risk-related purposes;

d. carry out statistical and other analyses to identify potential markets and trends and/or develop new products and services;

e. to carry out certain marketing activities;

3. Furthermore, Sunbet customers agree and consent to Sunbet retaining their Protected Personal Information for such periods as Sunbet may determine is necessary for its legitimate business security and record keeping purposes. Specifically, Sunbet members also give express consent to Sunbet to disclose their Protected Personal Information –

a. to any person that provides services (which services may include verifying, updating and processing Protected Personal Information) to Sunbet or acts as Sunbet’s agent or to whom Sunbet have transferred or propose to transfer any of its rights and duties in respect of Sunbet account holders (some of these persons may be located outside of the Republic of South Africa), and share Sunbet’s Protected Personal Information with Sunbet’s service providers, locally and outside the Republic of South Africa, as necessary. Sunbet may ask persons who provide services to Sunbet and Sun International to agree to Sunbet’s privacy policies if they need to access any Protected Personal Information to carry out their services;

b. to Sunbet’s legal advisors, financial advisors, auditors or a competent court in legal proceedings; and

c. to any entity which is part of Sun International's group of companies for purposes related to Sunbet customers' participation in Sun International’s products and services.

4. Protected Personal Information may be updated by Sunbet customers online (where applicable) or by contacting Sunbet Customer Support. The access to and deletion of Protected Personal Information is subject to processes set out in Sun International's/Sunbet’s PAIA manual which is also available at

5. Sunbet customers accept that Sunbet takes reasonable and practical steps to safeguard Protected Personal Information in its possession. To the fullest extent permissible by law, Sunbet customers hereby indemnify and holds harmless Sunbet and Sun International, its employees and agents against any liability, damages and/or legal action whatsoever and howsoever arising, including negligence on the part of Sunbet and Sun International, its employees or agents and Sunbet shall not accept liability for any damages or any type of loss suffered by Sunbet customers when utilising the Sunbet website.