How to bet on tennis

16 Oct 2019 | By Sunbet

How to bet on tennis - Tennis bets explained

Tennis is one of the most popular sports to bet on as it played throughout the entire year and offers comprehensive pre-game markets as well as exciting and engaging Live in-Play markets.

Match betting:

The simplest tennis bet to understand is betting on the match-winner, which gives you a choice of two players (or two teams, in doubles).

Handicap betting:

Just like in other sports, handicap betting is highly popular when placing tennis bets. In the event of a mismatch between opponents, handicaps allow you to place a bet on where you can determine the winning margin.

This handicap is expressed as a number of games or sets added onto one player’s score and the same number of games or sets taken away from the opponent’s score. This not only serves to even the playing field but also allows punters to get value on the favourite or a realistic chance on backing the underdog.

Total Games/ Sets:

This is another popular betting market, where punters bet on can choose  whether or not the total number of games will be over or under the number of sets that is quoted to you at that moment. The price (odds) will drift (increase) or shorten (decrease) depending on the correlating probability of each outcome.

Set Offers:

In this market punters are presented with offers that only apply for a specific set, such as the set winner or a range of number of games that will be played in said set.  Punters are then able to bet on whether they believe that the number of games played in the set will be over or under the quoted amount.

Live in-Play Betting:

However one of the reasons that tennis is a popular sports to wager (bet) on is that punters can almost always bet during the match with the Live in-Play betting markets. Not only does Live in-Play betting give punters more information at their disposal but it also allows them to react on any observations they may make during the match. A popular type of bet in this market is the Action bet which allows punters to wager on the outcome of  specific points.

Tennis betting is now easier and more enjoyable with Sunbet!