Against All Odds: Teams that Defeated the Odds in English Premier League History

27 Nov 2019 | By Sunbet

Against All Odds: Teams that Defeated the Odds in English Premier League History

Punters who bet on newly-promoted English Premier League teams to win games against defending champions are certainly taking a chance against all odds. However, those lucky ones who took the chance and placed their bets on these teams that were new to the English Premier League at the time certainly celebrated their victories along with these new teams on the block.

Here are the summaries of three notable matches where newly-promoted teams snatched the win with the odds stacked against them in the English Premier League:

2015: Chelsea - 0 Bournemouth - 1

All fans of The Blues, or football fans in general, will remember the charismatic personality as well as the pure tactical intelligence of José Mourinho. Mourinho was a fan favourite after he underwent 78 unbeaten league games at Stamford Bridge as Chelsea’s manager. He is also known as the mastermind behind three of Chelsea’s five wins to become the English Premier League champions. However, Mourinho, as well as all spectators, were taken by surprise in his last ever home game as Chelsea’s manager when the game ended in a 1-0 defeat against the newly-promoted minnows, Bournemouth.

The English Premier League Summary and Odds for this game: Bournemouth had only managed to win two matches in their first 14 matches in the English Premier League that season. They had zero wins in their previous eight league matches before this encounter. The odds were stacked against them and yet they managed a 0-1 win over the defending champions, Chelsea.

2001: Manchester United - 1 Bolton - 2

After a three-year absence from the English Premier League, Bolton surprised Manchester United fans with a 1-2 win at Old Trafford. Not only did Bolton shock the Red Devils’ fans on their own home ground, they had also defeated Liverpool with a 2-1 win just two months before their Manchester United Victory.

The English Premier League Summary and Odds for this game: the odds were all in favour for a win in favour of the Red Devils, especially as they had home advantage. Bolton was already not one of the betting favourites of the season, and they were definitely not a favourite for this game. However, pure disbelief set in on the Old Trafford crowd when Bolton went on to score a late winning after their equalising goal.

Going back in time and sticking with Manchester United, Derby County was a surprising competitor on the 5th of April 1997. Fans of the Red Devils were certain that they would secure a victory against Derby County, also known as The Rams, however, they could not have been more wrong after a 2-3 defeat against the newly-promoted English Premier League club.

The English Premier League Summary and Odds for this game: the game that was predicted to be a straightforward win for the Red Devils took a shocking turn before half time as Manchester United found themselves down by two goals. They managed to catch up in the second half with two goals, however, Derby managed to secure a third and winning goal, heading an unforgettable victory at Old Trafford.

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