SA Horse racing tips, best websites to get horse racing tips

30 Jan 2020 | By Sunbet

The Best Websites to Get Horse Racing Tips From

Betting tips have existed for almost as long as sports betting itself. There are those who provide SA Horse racing tips to allow punters to place more educated bets. Touts have grown into booming businesses, offering sports betting advice and racing tips for a share of the resulting winnings. This article will show you the best websites to get horse racing tips without you having to offer up any of your resulting wins. You’re always a winner with Sunbet!

Sporting Post is a local South African website, peppered with individual stories and opinions surrounding the current and upcoming races, events and the states of the horses and their jockeys. This includes news such as upcoming races, the distance of the tracks and how horses have fared in similar situations as well as the number and name of the horse to bet on, of course.

This is by far the best website to use when looking for SA horse racing tips. There is an extensive view of the betting history, outcomes and future races to help you make informed decisions when betting on horses. It will also show you how each horse performs under certain circumstances. Visiting this website will help you to make the most informed bet when it comes to horse racing in South Africa.

Racing Post

The Racing Post gives you all racing news in one place. Keeping track of horses and their performance will make you a tout in no time! The research is readily available and, when used properly, it can prove to be very useful. SA Horse racing tips are made to help you place a bet with a better chance of a larger ROI. Part of being an active sports bettor is to keep track, not only of the races, but of horse racing news too. This is what makes this among the best websites to get horse racing tips from. The best part of the Racing Post for sports betting is the live results that allow you to track the performance of horses and their jockeys.

If you have a favourite to win a local race, keep a close eye on them, across all the horse betting websites or sports news. The more you know, the better. Horse race betting can be left less to chance with the more research you do and the more you commit yourself to knowing where to place bets.


This is a great place to start if you are getting to know the horse racing industry in South Africa and plan to place bets in the near future. It provides lists for the past season’s top ranking:

  • Trainers
  • Jockeys
  • Horses

This will give you an idea of what to look for when you are in the market for SA Horse racing tips.

SKY World Racing

For a quick update, on the go, we would recommend you use SKY Racing World as one of the best websites to get horse racing tips. It provides a prediction for all the upcoming horse racing events around the world. You could also use their SA Horse racing tips.

Be sure to scour the internet and news for more information to find the best websites to get horse racing tips. Register to bet with us!