The 2019 Rugby World Cup Betting Favourites

21 Oct 2019 | By Sunbet

The 2019 Rugby World Cup Betting Favourites

With the 2019 Rugby World Cup, hosted in Japan, truly upon us, what is the best way to fully join in on the action? By placing online rugby bets, of course! While most of us stay true to the pride we have for our nation by placing bets on our country to win, whether by match, or the entire Rugby World Cup, there are other ways bookies make their decisions. You could go with the odds and cash in a fair, albeit smaller, payday on the most likely to win based on bookmakers’ estimates, or you can take a leap of faith on an underdog team and possibly walk away with a massive win.

However you decide to make a decision on who you bet on, these are the key contenders in the 2019 Rugby World Cup hosted in Japan – who will be your betting favourite?

Champion Favourites: New Zealand

New Zealand is a firm betting favourite to win the world cup, and all their matches. After winning their first match against South Africa, they have kept their position as favourites to win the 2019 Rugby World Cup. However, although New Zealand have always entered the Rugby World Cup as favourites for the majority of world cup history, they have still proven to be beatable in fixtures. They have lost to South Africa, Ireland and Australia in the past twelve months outside of the world cup, it can therefore be said to be anyone’s game, which would be great for those betting on teams with higher odds.

Second Favourites: England

They entered Japan with almost zero injuries into the Rugby World Cup tournament, and they are a serious contender as champions of the game. Most bookmakers have England listed as the second favourites to win the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan. Although they have not always performed well under pressure, their odds of winning the tournament are short , so bets on this team is high with hopes of a glorious win.

Nation-Wide Favourites: South Africa

South Africa is the betting favourite amongst most South Africans, as they always back the Boks with anything but faith and pride. Mostly agreeing with South Africans here, global odds are low for South Africans winning, showing that more than Springbok fans believe that South Africa is capable of bringing this seasons’ Rugby World Cup home from Japan. Statistics show South Africa as being on the same level as England to win the world cup, giving them a tight run towards the championship. Will you still back the boks with an online rugby bet this season? After South Africa, you have Ireland, Wales and Australia as next in line to win.

Slim-Chance: Japan

Even with home ground advantage, Japan has the odds stacked against them. Even the odds of them progressing from the pool stages are slim, however, with recent wins over Samoa, USA and Fiji, they cannot be completely written off. If they beat the odds and make their nation proud, any punter who took the leap of faith by betting on them to win the world cup could certainly be celebrating with the slim-chance, unlikely champions.

Underdogs: Fiji

Right at the bottom of the potential champions comes Fiji. Fiji has continually failed to meet their potential due to a lack in organisation and consistency within their management and team. Unfortunately, they are seen as the dark horse of this world cup, however, betting on them to reach the quarter-finals could be a worthy bet depending on how much of a risk taker you are as there is value in underdog bets.

Which team will be your betting favourite? Enjoy state-of-the-art online rugby betting with Sunbet and the odds could just be in your favour this season.

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