Become true betting royalty

A stay at The Palace is the perfect way to reward yourself for astute betting

Sure, sports betting is about the thrill of the win and taking the excitement level on big events and tournaments up yet another notch. But there’s more to its appeal than that. There’s the competitive social aspect, where sharing that winning betslip is a rite of passage, and a community has been built around revealing tips and advice. It isn’t an easy journey to the top, and there’s a lot of legwork to be done before placing shrewd bets in one of the markets. So when you consistently come up trumps, it’s an achievement worth celebrating.

You’ve applied your mind to unlocking the secrets of betting, making astute wagers time and time again while tallying up the numbers and navigating the wild crests and troughs of life as a punter. You deserve to live it up like a king or queen and flood social media with some outrageously cool selfies. There are few places better to do just this than the opulent The Palace, which has been turning guests into royals since it opened its iconic doors in 1992. You’ll be looking around for a throne the moment you get there!

After all, what could be more satisfying than watching the team or athlete you’ve put money on romp to victory while cocooned in the 5-star luxury of a suite at The Palace? We wouldn't blame you for looking a little smug, what with the incredible views of the Pilanesberg, scrumptious fine dining opportunities, and world-class service – did someone say “butler”? – at this exclusive hotel.

Thing is, you don’t even have to shell out from those betting earnings to indulge in the fully fledged The Palace experience. There’s still time to Get Your Bet On with SunBet in our amazing promotion. Simply wager on one of a selection of the year’s biggest sporting events, and you could be in line to win some fantastic prizes, including home electronics, SunBet Free Bets, and accommodation vouchers for The Palace or any of Sun International’s hotels and resorts.

That way, you can use your winnings as spending money to explore the million thrills at Sun City Resort, pad your bankroll, or put it all on a container of air breathed by Angelina Jolie if you so desire.