Bet Builder

Bet Builder

You can now enhance your soccer betting experience and odds using Bet Builder and Pre-packs!

What is Bet Builder?

A Bet Builder is a feature in soccer that allows customers to create bet combinations in the same match. A customer is can select which game outcomes from a series of selections, where each outcome selection will determine the next possible outcomes to use in the combination. The functionality will calculate the odds for the whole combination and once the customer has input a stake, the bet can be placed.

To understand the Bet Builder concept, it is necessary to know how an accumulator bet works. Bets with multiple selections have been around for a long time and are extremely popular among casual and seasoned bettors alike. The latest bet type, known as the Bet Builder, is just a new type of the accumulator format.

An accumulator is a selection of bets from different events and if all the selections are successful the bet pays out but if just one selection is wrong, then the bet is lost.


In the above example, the customer picks four match-results bets from the Premier League and combines them in an accumulator:

−The odds of all four results being correct is 55/1, therefore a R10 stake would return a profit of R567.83 for an overall return of R577.83.

−As you can see, combining bets into a sequence creates much higher odds, resulting in a large return from a small stake. This makes accumulators very attractive to bettors who are looking to land a big win from a small bet amount. . It may also be noticed that this example includes bets from four separate events.

Traditionally, accumulators bets have only been possible when combining bets from separate matches. Those matches could be from the same league or from different leagues, but not possible if a customer wanted to place a multiple bet from selections within the same game. Now this is possible with Bet Builder:

How to bet using Bet Builder:

  • Simply select the game you would like to bet on, pre-match.
  • Click on the Bet Builder tab
  • Select your winning combination. Eg Team A to win + Both Teams to Score + Over 2,5 Goals etc.
  • Place Bet


A new feature to the Sunbet Sportsbook that packages Bet Builder combinations into easy-to-use pre-packs (pre-assembled Bet Builder combinations) giving players inspiration and guidance to what combinations can be used for a certain soccer game.

How to bet using Pre-packs:

  • Simply select the game you would like to bet on, pre-match.
  • Click on the Pre-packs tab
  • Select your preferred choice