FA Cup Round Five Preview

By Greg Stewart

What is always appreciated in a competition like the FA Cup, by football fans, is that the “little guys” really do have a chance against the “Goliaths”. One bad game or defensive slip-up could knock out an odds-on-favourite.

In the first round-five FA Cup clash tonight, minnows Peterborough, take on Pep Guardiola’s Giants -Manchester City in what would on the surface seem an easy clash for City to win. Peterborough last won a league game eleven weeks back while Manchester City have won 13 from 15 and scored an average of 3 goals per game in the same period. In Round four, Peterborough beat QPR convincingly 2-0 but this clash against City, who are at another level this season, is a different challenge altogether and Peterborough would seem an unlikely victor. Current odds for a win for City are at 1.09:1 on SunBet. Best value bet – Total Goals under 3.5 at 2:1 on SunBet. Score prediction 0-3 (City)

Stoke are hosted by Crystal Palace, in the second match, where both teams had 2-0 wins in round-4 and both teams have injury concerns going into tonight’s match. Palace have won only a single match in their last five – against a struggling Watford, with their main concern being their defence. Stoke however are in a similar position where they could have a nightmare game with key defender Harry Souttar injured. This match could go Either way but should see a win for Palace by a goal or two. Current odds for a win for Palace are at 1.61:1 on SunBet. Score prediction 2-1 (City)

Middlesbrough will face Spurs at home in the third clash of the evening, with Antonio Conte’s men likely winners, but this too won’t be a foregone conclusion. Middleborough has had a fantastic home game record this season, having won seven consecutive home matches at Riverside. Borough also held Manchester United to a 1-1 draw in Round- 4 and then won 8-7 on a penalty shootout and that’s what is great about this competition. If they can keep Harry Kane and Heugh-Min Son from slipping in behind their defence, there could be an upset in this match. That being said, odds for this to happen are at 5.1:1 on SunBet but if you’re looking for an outsider bet this would be it for Round-5. Spurs are at 1.72:1 for a win on SunBet. Score prediction 2-1 (Tottenham)

FA Cup Round-5 Fixtures, Predictions & Betting Odds:

  • Wednesday 2nd March
    • Luton vs Chelsea – 1-2 - at 1.4:1 for a win on SunBet
    • Southampton vs West Ham – 0-1 - at 3.05:1 for a win on SunBet
    • Liverpool vs Norwich – 3-0 - at 1.17:1 for a win on SunBet
  • Thursday 3rd March
    • Everton vs Boreham Wood – 2-0 - at 1.12:1 for a win on SunBet
  • Monday 7th March
    • Nottingham Forest vs Huddersfield – 2-1 - at 1,98:1 for a win on SunBet