Responsible Gambling


Help is available. If you think you or someone you know may have a problem, contact the National Responsible Gambling Helpline toll-free on 0800 006 008. Additional resources, including self help information can be found at

The National Responsible Gambling Programme researches and monitors problem gambling, educates the public about problem gambling and provides treatment for problem gamblers.

The information given below is sourced from the National Responsible Gambling Programme and available at

A problem gambler, as understood by the NRGP, is anyone who spends so much money and/or time gambling that they do significant harm to themselves or to others.

Typically excessive gambling causes them problems at home or at work and is threatening their financial security. To finance their gambling they borrow money which they cannot easily pay back and they spend money on gambling which should be spent on personal and household necessities.

Common symptoms include missing work to gamble, after a big win or loss a strong urge to return to win more or cover losses, gambling until all your money is gone or borrowing to fund your gambling and considering suicide as a result of gambling.

Out patient treatment for problem gambling is available in 56 South African cities and towns, free of charge and in 8 official languages. In severe cases the NRGP will consider subsidising in patient treatment.


Self-exclusions means that your account will be disabled, and may only be enabled upon the successful upliftment which may be applied for in line with the terms and conditions of the self-exclusion (i.e. after a minimum period of 6 months has expired and proof of counselling by a relevant medical professional is furnished).

Safeguards on the sign up and banking processes make it very difficult for any customer to open a duplicate account. Self-exclusion is therefore a very effective way to control gambling that has become a problem for you.

You will need to send us a written request to reactivate your account, after the 12 month exclusion period.

To request a self-exclusion please download our form, fill in your details and then email your completed form to