Why Online Sports Betting Is Growing in Popularity

30 Jan 2020 | By Sunbet

Why Online Sports Betting Is Growing in Popularity

Sports betting reports throughout history are not the most accurate, as records were not very well kept in this industry. In the digital age, the popularity and use of the online betting world becomes increasingly more apparent. Sports betting has far outgrown its previous status as a hobby; it has become so much more, even a profession for some. So why the gained popularity?

The Betting World isn’t a Bookmaker Around the Corner Anymore

The term “sports betting” was once not being prefixed by the word “online”, and therein lies the key to the biggest boom in the evolution of sports betting. Before the internet, sports betting was fixed to horse racing betting and bookmakers. When online sports betting gained popularity, everything changed for parts of the world where establishments of this nature were rare.

Even in the USA, where Las Vegas still reigns as the king of all gambling cities, things have changed. In May of 2018, the United States Supreme Court repealed the professional and amateur sports betting ban which had previously hindered sports betting. With the federal ban on sports betting lifted, each individual state became free to choose their own rules regarding sports betting, online or otherwise. The first state to allow mobile and retail sports betting was New Jersey in August of 2018. Some of the states that have already legalised sports betting in their state include:

  • Illinois
  • Maine (to be actioned in 2020)
  • Montana
  • New Hampshire
  • North Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Nevada
  • Delaware
  • Mississippi
  • West Virginia
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • Arkansas
  • New York
  • Iowa
  • Indiana

Within the time that sports betting has become legal in New Jersey, they are said to have surpassed sports betting in Las Vegas with a huge amount of activity. So, if the government’s change of mind was all it took for New Jersey to become the front runner of sports betting in the USA, what happened in the rest of the world?

With Sports Betting Available Online, it’s Everywhere!

In many parts of the world, like Tanzania and countries across Africa, online sports betting isn’t just a hobby. Sports betting has reached new heights by acting as an additional, sought after and (often) main source of income for many people.

The continuous growth of smartphones and internet access has put sports betting in everyone’s pocket across the globe. Even in countries where the majority don’t have access to running water, they (often) have a connected phone from which they can partake in online sports betting.

One aspect that draws people to sports betting is the fact that one can bet on virtually any sport, from soccer betting to badminton. The most popular sport at the time generally sees more betting activity, because it draws a larger crowd of spectators. For example, Africa is known for its love of soccer and will place bets on international teams and tournaments in hopes of making some extra money.

To allow all punters to place their bets at anytime from anywhere, the world has seen a soar in the popularity of online sports betting platforms. The more the internet becomes easily accessible across the globe, the more popular online sports will become. One such online sports betting platform is Sunbet. Register with Sunbet to choose any national or international upcoming sporting event for the chance to win big in the changing world of online sports betting.