Get into the Swing of Things with Golf Betting Tips for Beginners

Get into the Swing of Things with Golf Betting Tips for Beginners

As one of the more popular sports to bet on online, it is important to get your knowledge of the season down to a “tee” before embarking on your golf betting journey. So, if you’re new to online sports betting and you want to take a swing at getting the best of the latest golf betting odds, start your journey with Sunbet today.

Your first step to becoming a seasoned golf betting master is to find out all about the upcoming tournaments so that you don’t miss out on any of the biggest golf championships in the world.

Golf Tournaments to Bet On

Sunbet has all the golf tournaments you would want to bet on, all accessible on one user-friendly online betting platform. Both local and international, the tours that you can bet on and immerse yourself in include some of the biggest players in golf. Some of the golf betting tournaments include:

You can view all the upcoming events on our golf betting page and, once registered, you can start placing your bets on who you favour as the winner of each round for the Nedbank Golf Challenge, or leader after Round X for other tours, or who will be champion of the entire tournament.

Golf Betting Odds

Based on various factors, such as previous losses or wins, the less likely a player is to win, the higher the odds are; and the higher the odds, the bigger the payout is after a win. Each round of the tournament will list the names of the players who are competing, next to these players you will see the updated odds. By using these golf betting odds to your advantage, you can make a calculated decision as to who you want to bet on and what the potential payout is if the odds are in your favour.

Golf Betting Tips

Remember, by familiarising yourself with the players and how they perform throughout the tournament, you can make a well-placed bet on who you think could potentially provide value for your money. Some of the best golf betting strategies include:

Form – by studying the general form of the players based on their recent finishes, you can make an informed bet on how the player will perform in the upcoming tournament.

Course – many famous golf courses are used year after year which enables punters to study how each player performs on each course. This insight gives you the ability to assess the probability of a player winning a round based on the player’s history with the course.

Stats – both golf betting tips mentioned above are very effective in placing calculated bets, however another strategy is to study all season long statistics. Statistics such as driving accuracy can help you determine whether your player is set to win or lose based on what the demands of the upcoming course are.

Golf Betting with Sunbet

Once you have signed up with Sunbet, you can place your first online golf bet by following these simple steps:

  • Select ‘Golf’from the sport category menu bar on the main screen.
  • There, all the current and upcoming golf tournaments and challenges will be listed in an easy-to-bet format.
  • Click on the golf betting odds related to the bet you would like to place, this will load your bet slip with the market.
  • To place a single bet, enter your stake (the amount you want to bet) in the block space provided.
  • Your potential pay-out amount will be displayed; the pay-out amount includes your stake for the bet.
  • Now click the “Place Bet” button.
  • Your confirmed bet will be displayed in the bet card, or alternatively by navigating to "Betting History" on the left menu on the main screen.
  • If you’re still a little hesitant or unsure of anything head on over to our frequently asked questions.