Tennis Betting in South Africa with SunBet

Tennis Bets and Why We Wish to Join Them Courtside

If you truly want to call an Ace of the next tennis match of the season it’s time to get in on tennis bets with SunBet. Whether you have a great Love for the game or zero love for tennis you still stand a chance to win real money when you learn how to bet on tennis. You have endless opportunities for tennis betting in South Africa with every ATP/WTA or ITF tennis match listed on our comprehensive and mobile-friendly website.

Drop Shot that Break Point and don’t miss out on the chance to win the Grand Slam with the best tennis bets for today, each and every “today”. We offer unrivalled tennis bets in South Africa with all players and kinds of matches included in your tennis betting options:

There is tennis betting available to you all year round as SunBet brings you matches from the Masters 1000, Masters 500, Masters 250 and the Challenger tours. This is outside our extensive coverage of the four majors:

  1. The Australian Open
  2. The French Open (Roland Garros)
  3. Wimbledon
  4. US Open

Cucumber sandwiches anyone?

You can bet on pre-game markets such as the winner of the match, game handicap and over or under total games. You can also bet on our exciting live in-play markets such as total sets or total number of tie-breaks

How Your Tennis Betting in South Africa is Protected by SunBet

SunBet uses the latest online security protocols to ensure that your information is strictly safeguarded against any threat. SunBet also complies with current South African Financial Intelligence Centre Legislation which further enhances our elite reputation and confidence from our loyal and new customers.  Registration on is a hassle-free process. Our online betting site has a logical and easy-to-follow layout which allows users to quickly find their way to their preferred tennis tournament to place bets. This will make your tennis viewing parties sweeter than strawberries and cream. Our site is mobile friendly which allows users to easily and quickly access it any connected device.

How To Bet On Tennis with SunBet

  • To place a bet you need to login to the website with your username and password that you created when signing up. Not signed up yet? Click here to sign up at Sunbet now.
  • Select ‘Tennis’ from the sport category menu bar on the main screen and then select the tournament you wish to bet on.
  • Here, all the current and upcoming tennis fixtures will be listed in an easy to bet format. Click on the odds related to the bet you would like to place, this will load your betslip with the market.
  • To place a single bet, enter your stake (the amount you want to bet) in the block provided.
  • Your potential payout amount will be displayed; the payout amount includes your stake for the bet.
  • Now click the “Place Bet” button.
  • If you would like to place another bet with your current selection click “Keep selection in the bet slip”.
  • Your confirmed bet will be displayed in the bet card, or alternatively by navigating to “Betting History” on the left menu on the main screen.
  • If you’re still a little hesitant or unsure of anything head on over to our frequently asked questions.

First Step in Successful Tennis Betting – Understanding the Game

Tennis is played between two opponents (singles) or teams of two (doubles) where the first opponent or team to reach a pre-determined amount of sets wins the match. Each "set" is defined as playing a single period while accumulating points until there is a winner. In match play, multiple sets are played to determine the winner of a "match."

The Rules of Tennis for Accurately Placed Tennis Bets

  • Singles - Between two individuals on each side of the court.
  • Doubles - Between four individuals, two on each side of the court (all females or all males).
  • Mixed doubles - Between four individuals, two on each side of the court (one male/one female per team).

Before the match can begin, one player starts each set as the server while the opposing player is the receiver. To start each point, the server stands behind the baseline, between the center mark and the sideline of the tennis court. The receiver may stand ready to return the serve from anywhere behind their side of the net.

A legal serve requires that the ball leaves the server's racquet and travels over the net without touching it the net or the servers side of the court, and the diagonally into the opposite service court (on the opponents side).

The Basics of How to Bet on Tennis

Match betting:

The simplest tennis bet to understand is betting on the match-winner, which gives you a choice of two players (or two teams, in doubles).

Handicap betting:

Just like in other sports, handicap betting is highly popular when making tennis bets. In the event of a mismatch between opponents, handicaps allow you to place a bet on where you determine the winning margin.

This handicap is expressed as a number of games added onto one player’s score and the same number of games taken away from the opponent’s score.

There you have it, all that there is left to do now is place your tennis bets with SunBet!